WANTED: Recepční a průvodce strašidelnou zábavnou atrakci.

WANTED: Receptionist and attraction guide

What will you be doing?

Your role will be welcoming guests that come to Thrill Park. You will greet them, explain what we are and what we offer. You’ll find out what they like and which is the right experience for them. You will give them instructions, handle payment, answer their questions and show them the way into the attraction. In spare time you will manage our social media profiles and do some administrative work.

You are perfect for the job if:

  1. You are fluent in English.
  2. You like people and are not afraid to talk to them.
  3. You want to work on yourself and learn new things.

6 reasons why you want to work with us


Work whenever it suits you. Balance work and school easily. In Thrill Park you can choose which days of the week you want to work. We are open from 2pm-10pm every. That means you can handle school and activities before noon and go to work in the afternoon.

2. FUN

Work in Thrill Park is never boring. We are an amusement park and we get people from all over the world. You never know who you will meet and what will happen.


We are a startup and we want our team to grow and improve. You will improve your English, learn people skills, find out how to manage social media and much more.


We are a team of young people who do what they like. We are ambitious, but friendly and we hold together. Get to know us and become a part of the gang :-)


We believe in fair conditions - good money for good work. You will earn 125-170 CZK/h with bonuses for exceptional work.


We’re located in the center of Prague on Žitná 44, just a short walk from Wenceslas Square. It’s close to subway stations, good restaurants and everything else you might want.


Come scare with us!

What is Thrill Park?
Dobrá otázka!

Fun. Adrenaline. Memories.
That is Thrill Park.

Most of attractions in Prague are tourist traps trying to rip people off. We wanted to do it differently.
We want visitors to remember Prague as being fun and friendly place. We want them to remember it for a long time and come back.

People love us

Since the beginning we’ve been rising in popularity and improving the experience. Our core value is the best possible customer service.

Great customer service needs well trained and passionate staff.

And that is where you come in…